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  • Sales people learning how people actually buy for their organizations.
  • Operations people decoding the mystery of how work is won.
  • Business developers motivating their operations people to play an active role in winning large contracts.
  • Executives required to forecast results based on understanding which variables predict success
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How to Play The Federal Contractor Game
to Win

The Unwritten Axioms

About How to Win…

15 keys for understanding the game
24 methods to get your message through to buyers
27 ways to exert influence
11 strategies to make your customers more successful
12 tactics to defeat your competitors
24 easy exercises to build your business muscles

Illustrated with 35 cartoons to drive each point home.

More Solutions for Winning the Federal Contractor Game
Practical (and humorous) advice from the frontlines.

About More Solutions…

20 easy ways to make a difference.
21 techniques for improving your listening
18 personal barriers you can overcome
21 skills you should work on to
21 sharpen your business reflexes
15 things you need to know to excel at the game
15 pointers that will improve your proposals
15 exercises to turn ideas into habits.

Illustrated with 118 cartoons to drive each point home.

David’s been teaching his Axioms to my people  since 1999, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in wins. He gets people to understand the basics of business development better and faster than anyone I have met in my 25 years in the business.  

John Sutton, Vice President
ManTech International Corporation



"David Kritzer’s new book—How to Play the Federal Contractor Game to Win—will become an extremely helpful resource to small business entrepreneurs, business developers, and capture managers along with project managers and proposal managers.  The book’s refreshingly conversational coverage of basic—but definitely not simple—topics centers on selling support services to the U.S. Government.  Years of field-tested wisdom and in-depth reflection on human attitudes and behaviors shine through in this slim volume that can be read in its entirety on a single airplane flight.  However, genuinely implementing the guidance that is readily provided is a different matter altogether. That will require the day-to-day diligence and commitment of an entire career.  Keep re-reading this book—it will keep you focused in the right directions for sustained success."

Robert S. Frey, MBA, MSM, M.A.Principal
Successful Proposal Strategies, LLC
a woman owened company

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