Never Forget...

  1. Federal customers are exceptionally risk averse. If you and your teammates are not one of the safe choices, i.e., someone who has done this before in some demonstrable way, don't waste your time pursuing the opportunity.

  2. Competitors want to take your business. They may often play fair... they will rarely play nice.

  3. The quality of a person's vision in evaluating business opportunities is inversely proportional to the size of the opportunity. (The bigger the deal, the blinder we get!)

  4. The quality of a technical enthusiast's vision in evaluating business opportunities has nothing to do with the size of the opportunity.

  5. Until you can describe what you are selling, in plain English, you will not appeal to the people who can write the check.

  6. Technical arrogance must be applied with finesse.

  7. People hire the people who show up often in the right places at the right times.

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"Look, I appreciate the thought, but I'd have
to see a risk assessment before
I try anything different."

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mikestolarik sm02David facilitated a themes-and-discriminators session that helped us determine how to position ourselves with the customer and develop a compelling message in pursuing a $100M opportunity.

Mike Stolarik
Former President and COO
QinetiQ North America