Kritzer's Axioms

I People hire the people they like best; when they can.
II It takes only one veto to lose.
III People hire based on what's in it for them...personally.
IV Most work is won or lost before the RFP.
V Best pricing strategy - not lowest cost - wins.
VI Most great technical proposals look just like the others to the prospects.
VII Best buddies trump strangers.
VIII It takes one champion and a team to win.
IX If you are winning more than half of what you bid, you
are not bidding enough.

Are your managers and technical staff missing opportunity after opportunity:

  • To get in early on multi-million dollar opportunities?
  • To win follow-on work?
  • To expand scope?
  • Even to fill slots?

To successfully attack your markets, I will train your people on how the game is played, and how your company can play to win. And once you are in the thick of things, I will significantly increase your odds of winning.

Advice from the frontlines: Technical people are driven to make sense of their world. To achieve this they want a framework, a set of rules and vocabulary. Understanding how Federal Government contracting works is not intuitive, and until they understand how it works – how the game is played – they have little chance of succeeding. Here I present just a few of the rules. My two books contain many others. And learning how to put the rules to work is what is covered in Basic Training.   

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"This guy would be perfect for doing our website! He likes fishing, hunting, and he plays golf! What more can you ask for from a web designer?!"

Michor GentemannWith a big nod to what I learned from your training, Skookum went from $15M to $120M gross receipts in the last 10 years. We are now in 10 states with over 1000 employees. Using the principles you taught: I showed up; systematically prospected; and built trust. The contracts followed.

Michor Gentemann
Director of Business Development
(and also formerly General Manager)
Skookum Contract Services

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