Stop your technicals' equivocating!

Your customer asks your technicals "Can you do this for me?", and they say "I don’t know." We need to teach them how to say "Yes! Yes!"

What's the problem? Your technical people believe that they must know the total scope, have the resources on board, be comfortable with the timeline and the budget, and already have the solution before they can honestly say yes.

How do you get them to say "Yes"? They must learn and accept how the Federal Contracting Game is actually played.

  • The total scope is rarely known. The SOW almost always changes.
  • No one has lots of unemployed resources waiting around for work. No contractor, no matter how large or how small, keeps a warehouse full of people sitting on indirect.
  • Timelines constantly change, and budgets increase and decrease.
  • Solutions are inevitable if you know your stuff and have a history of delivering results.
  • If customers want more than "Yes" and "No", they will ask.

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"I just asked what time it was!"