Great BD staff is only part of the selling equation.

Who discovers the opportunity in the early stages?
Romances the customer?
Learns what the customer really wants?
Who grows business with an existing customer?
Spots a new opportunity?
Expands the scope?


Who deciphers the RFP?
Writes the proposal?
And presents at orals?

It’s NOT your full-time BD staff! It is your technical staff and line managers.

Yes, you need BD staff. They provide the vision, energy, and drive to go after wins that others wouldn’t. They help build teams, set strategy and tactics, and make sure the customer calls get made. And throughout the capture process, they help keep people out of the weeds and focused on giving prospective customers what they want.

Your BD organization will complete the selling equation when they are teamed with a well-trained and highly-motivated line organization.

So if you have hired BD staff with successful track records who have not lived up to your expectations, let’s look at the rest of your company for answers.

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“Business development is a learned behavior”

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