Training is a gift. You give it to the people who deserve it and can use it.

Your people, the ones constantly working directly with customers, know the most about the needs and politics of your customers and prospects. They also have insights into competitors, potential hires, and the minefields. What they need are the concepts and vocabulary to realize their insights, the motivation and inspiration to care and share, and the tactics to win. Kritzer Training provides this.

Your technical people will learn how to:

  • Discover opportunities early in the game.

  • Influence the SOW and evaluation factors.
  • Hone in on who will pick the winner.
  • Edge out your competitors.
  • Trump the relationship connections.
  • Work with business development, capture managers, and proposal managers.

Advice from the frontlines: When people start my training I often hear them say: I don’t want to be seen as a used car salesperson. What they mean is they do not want to feel forced to misrepresent what they can accomplish for a customer. They usually don’t know where to draw the ethical line between the unrealistic ideal called for in an RFP and the practical reality of executing government contract work. By helping them understand where this ambiguous line falls in the Federal Contracting Game, the trainees will better represent your offerings in more convincing and compelling ways.      


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"Another sure opportunity missed"

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David taught our technical staff the importance of building good personal relationships with our customers in order to win.

Donn Johnson
Senior Program Manager
Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.