Make FLAT proposals SING!

Your proposals must be compliant and complete, but they shouldn’t be boring and unconvincing.
They should be clear, relevant, and credible.

I will work with you to:

Beat Your Competitors:

  • Conduct black hats/competitive analyses.

  • Differentiate yourself from the competition.

  • Ghost and counter-ghost your competition.

  • Identify and qualify price-to-win specialists.

Help You Use Internal Resources Efficiently:

  • Put your most valuable people on your most urgent and important opportunities.

  • Quickly cycle Subject Matter Experts in and out of proposal writing.

  • Turn SME’s tech-speak into marketing-speak.

Write the Right Proposal:

  • Build win themes and storyboards.

  • Get stakeholder sign-offs before you write.

  • Write executive summaries.

  • Create headlines and captions.

Excite Your Customers:

  • Make your proposals compelling and convincing.

  • Speak to the emotional as well as the intellectual.

  • Stay on message in fewer words.

And don’t forget you may still need to get through Orals. Click here to learn more about winning in Orals.

Advice from the frontlines: Are you in LPTA hell? Do you know how to differentiate your company in 25 words or less? More importantly can you make an argument that drives government evaluators to fight for your solution, your resumes, and your reputation for quality over someone else’s which isn’t as good but is a dollar cheaper? And to further improve your chances of winning, do your proposals compel the evaluators to find your competitors’ approach to managing, staffing, transitioning and pricing unrealistic or unacceptable. Creating winning proposals isn’t easy and often it take an outsider to get you there. So please take a minute to read through what I help you do, and give me a call.

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nadindaly sm01One of David’s gifts - among many - is an ability to say exactly what needs to be said in as few words as possible. In an environment where compliance is king, many proposal professionals stick to regurgitating the SOW to stay within page constraints. He can help proposal teams focus on the HOW, deliver a compelling message, and deliver an effective solution to the Government — all within the allotted number of pages. I have worked with David on Federal government proposals since 1998, and have never seen anyone do it as quickly as he does.

Nadine Aly
Director of Proposals
Tatitlek Corporation



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