The First Three Rules of Orals:

1. Be Yourself!

2. Be Yourself!

3. Be Yourself!

The government wants to see and hear from the people who will do the work. Making program managers and technical people coherent and comfortable as presenters is the key to winning. You don't want to aim for slick - you want likeable, competent, and believable. Winning requires we focus on:


  •     Ghost throughout.
  •     Put your themes across.
  •     Emphasize the discriminators.
  •     Answer questions succinctly.


  •     Come across as a team.
  •     Let technical competence and confidence shine through.
  •     Relate to the audience - not the presentation.
  •     Be themselves (as if they were talking to their friends).

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nadindaly sm01One of David’s gifts - among many - is an ability to say exactly what needs to be said in as few words as possible. In an environment where compliance is king, many proposal professionals stick to regurgitating the SOW to stay within page constraints. He can help proposal teams focus on the HOW, deliver a compelling message, and deliver an effective solution to the Government — all within the allotted number of pages. I have worked with David on Federal government proposals since 1998, and have never seen anyone do it as quickly as he does.

Nadine Aly
Director of Proposals
Tatitlek Corporation



"I wish this guy would get over his "earth is round" thing and get to the point"